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"As a stay-at-home mom with four children (4-12yrs.), I was happy to find a program that covered the specifics of transcription, didn't require 13 months to complete and was affordable. Although I had prior transcription work experience (not required), I didn't have the 'certification' that companies require for work. This program for me was a thorough refresher course that covered exactly what was needed to obtain my certification. I was contacted shortly after by a transcription company and am in the process of doing my internship (5hrs of dictation). As a military wife, this line of work will allow me the benefits of continuous work throughout our various relocations. I'll recommend TCI to anyone who asks."

- Melissa E.
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SSMPC-Software Package Only
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Includes CD-ROM, Printed User Manual, and Free Software Upgrades for the life of the product. Start-Stop PowerPlay for Windows Media - Software Only. If you already have an industry-standard foot pedal with a PC Interface connector, such as USB, Serial COM Port or Game Port, you can just purchase the software by itself! Also works with special configured foot pedals, including Gameport pedals from Dictaphone or DVI, FTR Gold Gameport foot pedals and CyberSecretaries USB and Gameport pedals. SSMPC-Software Package Only
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