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"As a stay-at-home mom with four children (4-12yrs.), I was happy to find a program that covered the specifics of transcription, didn't require 13 months to complete and was affordable. Although I had prior transcription work experience (not required), I didn't have the 'certification' that companies require for work. This program for me was a thorough refresher course that covered exactly what was needed to obtain my certification. I was contacted shortly after by a transcription company and am in the process of doing my internship (5hrs of dictation). As a military wife, this line of work will allow me the benefits of continuous work throughout our various relocations. I'll recommend TCI to anyone who asks."

- Melissa E.
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TCI Standard Package-Spectra Pc Headset
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Includes USB Footswitch, CD-ROM, Spectra PC Headset, User Manual, Free Technical Support, Free Upgrades

For a basic economy, comfortable headset, nothing beats the Spectra PC headset.
This analog headset features a lightweight assembly with two foam balls that rest in the cup of the ear (not in the canal) and can be worn under the chin, or on top of the head. Comes with a 10-foot cord, and provides true stereo (or mono during transcription work), with its 1/8" diameter 3-conductor standard stereo plug.

Detailed Brochure | User Manual

Intuitive Graphic Interface:

The Start-Stop UNIVERSAL is designed to be easy-to-use for both advanced and novice transcriptionists.

Ultra Job Manager:

The Ultra Job Manager makes managing dictation easier and more efficient. It allows you to archive finished dictation, queue multiple files for continuous transcription, and tracks the creation date, length, file title, and job status of dictation.

Variable Speed Control:

Listen to dictation in increments between half-speed and three-times speed with no distortion: the magic of digital meets the versatility of a full function transcription machine.

Ultra Play Technology:

Ultra Play Technology allows you to load and start transcribing audio files up to 20 hours in length with minimal pause. Most sound files are loaded lightning quick so you can spend more time working and less time waiting for your equipment to catch up.

SmartLine Counter and StopWatch:

The built-in SmartLine keeps track of how many characters and lines you have typed while the StopWatch allows you to bill by job/time.

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