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"As a stay-at-home mom with four children (4-12yrs.), I was happy to find a program that covered the specifics of transcription, didn't require 13 months to complete and was affordable. Although I had prior transcription work experience (not required), I didn't have the 'certification' that companies require for work. This program for me was a thorough refresher course that covered exactly what was needed to obtain my certification. I was contacted shortly after by a transcription company and am in the process of doing my internship (5hrs of dictation). As a military wife, this line of work will allow me the benefits of continuous work throughout our various relocations. I'll recommend TCI to anyone who asks."

- Melissa E.
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Start-Stop PowerPlay Video/DVD Transcriber System
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Now you can have the full power of the professional Start Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System that plays a large variety of standard and proprietary formats, plus the Start Stop
PowerPlay for Windows™ Media software that lets you play and transcribe digital video and audio such as DVD's, Compact Discs, MPEG4, Real Audio and many more!.
  • Transcribe all standard formats (WAV, MP3, WMA, Truespeech™) and also transcribes Digital Video and Audio (DVD, WMV, DivX, CDA)
  • Transcribe a large variety of non-standard formats used in digital dictation voice recorders, call-in systems and more!
  • Transcribe Video Formats and Real Audio, and many other Multimedia formats with Real Player(TM) under foot pedal control.
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